Toyota MR2 MK2 Turbo Rev1-2 Silicone Ancillary Coolant & Breather Hose Kit

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Note: Some types of coolant are not compatible with silicone hoses. Please click here to download our Important Fitting Notes before buying and fitting silicone hoses.

This high quality reinforced silicone hose kit replaces 22 ancillary heater, minor coolant, breather and brake booster hoses in the engine bay listed below. The hoses fit all manual MR2 MK2 Rev1-2 Turbo models that are right hand drive (RHD). One heater hose does not fit LHD vehicles but we can supply a longer version of this hose at additional cost using the options above so that the kit will fit LHD models.

  1. Heater Hose No.1
  2. Heater Hose No.2
  3. Heater Hose No.3
  4. Heater Hose No.4
  5. Coolant Elbow to Pressure Cap Hose
  6. Pressure Cap to Expansion Bottle Hose
  7. Expansion Bottle Overflow Hose
  8. Upper Throttle Body Coolant Hose No.1
  9. Upper Throttle Body Coolant Hose No.2
  10. Lower Throttle Body Coolant Hose No.1
  11. Lower Throttle Body Coolant Hose No.2
  12. Inlet Manifold Brake Booster Hose
  13. Firewall Brake Booster Hose No.1 (Under RH inspection panel - not present on all models)
  14. Turbo Coolant Hose No.1
  15. Turbo Coolant Hose No.2
  16. Oil Cooler Coolant Bypass Hose #1 "Hose from Hell"
  17. Oil Cooler Coolant Bypass Hose #2 "Hose from Hell On Earth"
  18. OEM Dump Valve to Intake Hose
  19. Cranckase Breather Hose
  20. Breather Hose to top of Air Intake
  21. Block Coolant Bypass Hose (Under Inlet Manifold)
  22. Firewall Brake Booster Hose No.2 (Behind Firewall Heat Shield)

Hose Clamps:

The kit is available with a full set of hose clamps using the options above. The three types of clamp we offer are shown below, but not all options will appear for some kits due to size limitations:

Worm-Drive Clamps, Spring Clamps and T-Bolt Clamps

Spring clamps are the most commonly used type by vehicle manufacturers. They provide excellent evenly distributed clamping force and are generally the best option for clamping coolant hoses, but they can be fiddly to fit/remove, and being mild steel they are prone to minor surface rust if their coating is chipped/scratched. Whilst this won't affect the performance or lifespan of the clamp some customers prefer our stainless steel options below which tend to look better and still perform as they should.

Worm-Drive clamps have slightly less evenly distributed clamping force as the Spring type clamps, but they are still a good quality clamp and usually easier to fit/remove in the tight confines of an engine bay. Being 100% stainless steel they do not rust, so we recommend this type of clamp if you are concerned about the appearance of your engine bay.

T-Bolt clamps are the most heavy duty clamps we supply, and are also 100% stainless steel to prevent rust. However they are much more expensive and, like the Worm-Drive clamps provide a slightly less evenly distributed clamping force than the Spring clamps. For this reason we recommend using them for Turbo applications (intercooler/intake hoses) where high boost can cause hose blow-off's and the additional clamping force is useful. Some customers like to use T-Bolt clamps for all hoses on their vehicle however so we offer them as an option for most of our kits.

For some vehicles the original clamps can be reused so we also offer our kits without clamps, but please be aware our silicone hoses are slightly thicker than the standard hoses so in some cases the original clamps may be too small.


  • Application: Toyota MR2 MK2 Rev1-2 Chassis '89-'93 | 2.0 Turbo 3SGTE Engine | Manual Transmissions | RHD & LHD Variants Available
  • Construction: ~4.5mm 4-ply silicone with 3-ply polyester reinforcing
  • Max Operating Pressure: >7bar
  • Burst Pressure: >10bar
  • Operating Temperature range: -50°c to 240°c
  • Certification: Manufactured to ISO9001:2000 & ISO TS16949 standards
  • Warranty: 3 Years (UK based)

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  • 5
    everything thats needed at a good price

    Posted by shane on 26th May 2021

    This is the second set of hoses. Very happy with the first set ,it was a no brainer