FREE Silicone Hoses!

We are always looking to expand our range of silicone hoses. If we don't currently sell a kit or the particular hose(s) you need for your vehicle we may be able to offer you silicone hoses for your vehicle absolutely free! We would require the stock hoses from you and this generally means taking the car off the road for a period or sourcing a spare set of hoses to send to us. We are not going to be able to produce a kit for every vehicle, particularly if you have a very old/rare car or rare specification of a car, but we recommend reading through the process below and contacting us if you are interested to find out if we can produce a kit for your vehicle.

How does it work?

  • Contact us with your vehicle make, model, year, engine details and which hose(s) on the car you are looking for us to replicate in silicone. We can do complete coolant kits, radiator hoses only, vacuum/breather/brake servo hoses, intake hoses, turbo/intercooler hose kits etc. We cannot produce hoses for constant fuel/oil use at present. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if we are interested in producing a kit for your car.
  • Assuming both parties are happy to go ahead you'll need to take some photos of your engine bay and remove the stock hoses from your vehicle, numbering them as you go and making a list of where each hose fits on the car. It's important that the kit is complete so it helps if you know the vehicle well or can check with members of an owners club who do to ensure no hoses are missed.
  • Split the hoses into kits if appropriate - e.g. radiator hose kit, ancillary coolant hose kit, breather hose kit and so on, and label each kit. We will discuss how the hoses will be split with you before this stage.
  • Provide a numbered list of the hoses in each kit including what the hose carries (coolant or air) and where it fits in the engine bay. Silicone hoses are not suitable for carrying fuel or oil.
  • Email your list of hoses to us and include some photos of the hoses in the engine bay where possible with numbers on the photos identifying an approximate location of each hose. Also include your return address for the silicone hoses, a contact number, and what colour hoses you want. Red, blue or black are usually available for free kits.
  • Send the stock hoses to us for tooling. It doesn't matter if the hoses are split, leaking etc as long as the shape, length and internal diameter can be measured from the hose.
  • Approximately 4-7 weeks from when we receive your hoses we should have your silicone hoses ready to send back to you (possibly longer if you are outside the UK). This usually means taking your car off the road for this period unless you can source a spare set of hoses to send us instead of your own.
  • When your new hoses arrive fit them to the car and let us know if you have any problems with them, generally the kit will fit with no issues however and you can enjoy your new hoses!

Note that the stock hoses are not returned to you - we keep them in our hose library in return for the free silicone hoses.

Adding Hoses to Existing Kits

We're always looking to add to our kits and make them as complete as possible. If you have purchased one of our kits or are interested in purchasing one and there is a hose on your car that isn't included in the kit, please contact us and let us know. We will need details of which hose it is, where it fits on the car, what it's for (air, coolant, oil, fuel etc) and ideally a photo of the hose showing where it is in the engine bay. If you can supply us with the standard hose we may be able to send you a free replacement in silicone to complete the kit.