Stainless Steel W4 Worm-Drive Hose Clamp

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NEW MIX AND MATCH OPTION! You can now swap any clamps in a 2, 4 or 10 pack for a smaller size, allowing you to order exactly how many you need of each size. For example, if you need 5x 32-50mm, 3x 25-40mm and 2x 20-32mm you could order a 10 pack of 32-50mm and swap 5 clips for the smaller sizes. Just add a note at checkout requesting the sizes you wish to swap, or contact us immediately after purchasing with the sizes required. Please note clips can only be swapped for a smaller size, not larger.

These high quality worm-drive hose clips are made from T304 Stainless Steel, featuring W4 construction meaning the screw and screw housing are also stainless steel as well as the band.

Can be tightened with a screwdriver or a 7mm socket/spanner for ease of fitting.

The band is unperforated meaning they are suitable for use with softer silicone hoses as well as all other types of rubber hose.

For larger quantities than 10 clips please see our discounted bulk listings, available now in our store.

Fitting & Sizing:

Each clamp has a specific range that it can be tightened between. To determine the size you need measure the outer diameter of the hose you are fitting, and the table below shows which clamp size we recommend using for any given hose O.D.

Note: Care should be taken with any hose clamp not to overtighten the clamp as this can damage pipe or hose, and possibly cause leaks. Please see the table below for torque specifications for each size.

Your Hose O.D.Clamp Size to UseTightening Torque

8mm - 12mm 8mm-12mm 3 Nm
13mm - 15mm 10mm-16mm 3 Nm
16mm - 19mm 12mm-20mm 3 Nm
20mm - 22mm 12mm-22mm 3 Nm
23mm - 26mm 16mm-27mm 4 Nm
27mm - 32mm 20mm-32mm 4 Nm
33mm - 39mm 25mm-40mm 4 Nm
40mm - 50mm 32mm-50mm 5 Nm
51mm - 60mm 40mm-60mm 5 Nm
61mm - 70mm 50mm-70mm 6 Nm
71mm - 80mm 60mm-80mm 6 Nm
81mm - 90mm 70mm-90mm 6 Nm
91mm - 100mm 80mm-100mm 6 Nm
101mm - 110mm 90mm-110mm 6 Nm
111mm - 120mm 100mm-120mm 6 Nm


  • Fitment: Universal - suitable for all rubber fuel, oil, coolant and air hoses
  • Construction: 100% T304 Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 3 Years (UK based)